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Earn Bonus Cash Rewards While Posting Questions And Answers On Answeree Q&A

Yes, Now you can earn rewards on while asking or answering. Here are the 3 simple steps to earn through posting on Answeree. 1) Register on 2) Make questions and answers on answeree. 3) Promote the posts you made through social media to increase your earnings 10 times or more. 4) Request for payments when your profile reaches the minimum payout. For more info visit our FAQ page or make a private message to Answeree. Basic information and rules for earning rewards on Answeree question and answer reward program. Please read it before participating in our reward program.


Step 1 - Register on Answeree
To receive remuneration you should be a registered user.
How to register:  Follow the register link on for easy registration procedure.

Step 2 - Qualification
We will test your ability to write the questions and answers. One should be able to write answers precisely and concisely without grammar mistakes to take part in the answeree reward program.

How to qualify answeree reward program? 
- Perform Step 1 
- Post 5 questions on interesting topics. 
- Give 5 answers to questions section questions unanswered. 
Rules of adding questions and answers read in step 3. 

The number of questions asked and the answers can be found in your profile. 

After performing the above rules and if you are confident to participate in Answeree rewards you may write to the administrator in private message "Add Me To Reward Program". If you are qualified, then you will receive a reply message and expert status (written questions and answers will be also paid when you reach your minimum payout). Your profile will be checked within 48 hours. After that, you can continue to ask questions and write the answers in compliance with step 3. 

Step 3 - Writing rules for answers and questions
General rules for writing questions and answers:
- The text should not contain grammatical and punctuation errors. Duplicate content is prohibited. 
- Copy Paste is prohibited (In the case a question /answer is copied from another source, the payment will be denied). 
- Links in questions and answers are prohibited in reward program (if links to other sources are posted, the payment will be rejected). 
- Do not post inciting social, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, as well as any other hatred and enmity. 
- Do not post advertisements on questions/answers.

Rules for writing questions:
- Compliance with the general rules and regulations on the page add a question. 

Rules for writing answers:
- Should be compliant with the general rules.
- the length of each answer should be a minimum of 200 characters. (approx. 35 words)
- To get rewards your answer should be in the first four answers in a question page.
- All your answers must be relevant to the question.

In the case of violation of the rules of writing, penalties will be applied in the amount of 10% to 90% of the payment amount.

Step 4 - Earnings for questions and answers

Reward for questions
If your question get 1000 views - 0.1 $
additional 0.1 $ for each 1000 views

Reward for one answer   - 0.02 $ (ie: 50 simple answers = 1 dollar)

Views are calculated at the time of rewards claimed. The views after once the rewards claimed are not calculated.

Step 5 - Payments
Payment can be requested once you meet the minimum payout of 10 dollars.
To request a payment you may send your Paypal email in a personal message to the administrator with the number of questions and answers to claim. 

Payments are made in manual mode after checking your questions and answers in compliance with all the rules. Therefore, the payment can take up to 3 working days.

If you have any questions, use the feedback form, or ask your question to the site administrator.

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