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I know many people in my country (India) having citizenship in USA. But they are citizens in India too. They have all citizen rights in India too. At the same time some reports out there says USA won't allow one to have multiple citizenship. Is it right?
asked May 18, 2017 in Travel+Places by Narendra Singh Level 3 (2,440 points)

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The correct answer to this question is you can have dual, triple or any number of citizenship along with a US citizenship. Actually US government are not at all bothered about the dual citizenship matter. They don't even try to recognize the citizenship status of country's citizens. As a US citizen whether you be a citizen of India or China or any other country, that doesn't affect your life or activities in USA by any means. Actually american government is only bothered about the activities of it's individuals within the state. A US citizen can have dual citizenship.
answered May 20, 2017 by Greg Paul Level 2 (1,360 points)

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