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am opened to any answers, but you could check this answer i found on
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I was playing CSGO and PUBG and sell skins from these games. I was thinking about how to get skins. I was playing and got some at . Who else is playing online games?

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Did you hear something about online slots. This is one of the most common way to earn money online. Today you can easily play it using your smartphone or other Android, IOS or Windows devices. For sure it's risky way, but big winning it's always risk. Want to know more and play online slots in the best online casino? Find some on spieleautomaten Slotozilla. You can find there top best online casino websites from proven online gaming providers. Enjoy.

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To be honest you can. Since a lot of online games are having paid content there is always an option to make money in games. The most generous and simplest way to earn some money in games is slot machines, like Very simple rules, in one word you need to push almost only one button and that's all. And there is always a chance to win a jackpot.
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My closest friends often ask me how I make such successful bets and get money for predicting the score or sportsmen who will score goals or take first places. I don't have superpowers, just use my brain and often go to searching for predictions that were made by sports analysts. So far I've managed to get more than a thousand bucks and it's only the beginning.
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