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speak up your mind and are you still interested in Bitcoins?
what are your plans for your Bitcoins!
asked Feb 8 in Business+Finance by jerryred069 Level 1 (390 points) | 28 views

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I don't use Bitcoin only because I am not quite sure how it actually works. I don't plan on using it anytime at all.

Now to answer your question on why it is dropping: 1 word: Trump. He doesn't believe in equal or fair rights let alone equal and fair trades. Last week the stock market dropped because of his foolish policies. They rise because people are buying. The buying of stocks are rose a bit because of people's businesses and buying stock. Bitcoin is the same. If Trump kept his mouth shut the economy, stocks, etc. would be better and more thriving. As long as Trump is in office, Bitcoin and the stock market will decline.
answered Feb 17 by AthenaDruid Level 2 (980 points)
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In my opinion, it won't happen and bitcoin will grow like he did the last year. As for me, I even want to start mining them and you need to think about it too. Here is the top GPU for mining list, by the way.

answered Mar 5 by Bandagecall Level 2 (720 points)

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