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I like to have pickles in my diet. Some people are saying that pickles are not so good for health as they can cause some ulcers. Some are telling that pickles are very good for digestion of food. So actually I'm confused. Is pickle healthy to have on a daily basis?
asked Apr 26, 2017 in Health+Fitness by Nicky Level 4 (3,540 points)

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Pickles are very good for digestion. Especially lime pickle.
But it cannot be considered as a healthy food in your daily diet. As what you heard before too much consumption of pickles may lead to mouth ulcers or stomach ulcers. Moreover, the high salt content in pickles may increase your blood pressure levels. Thus, in turn, results in many health issues including renal problems.
So avoid daily consumption of these kinds of the salty menu for your better health. Even if you like pickles you should think of your body too.

I am also a pickle lover. But not addicted.
answered Apr 27, 2017 by Narendra Singh Level 3 (2,440 points)
selected May 14, 2017 by Answeree
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South Indian and North Indian Pickles have differed from its tastes, colour, and shelf life. Good but, use it judiciously. I like it. Especially Andhra Mango Pickle
answered Apr 27, 2017 by Seb Powen Level 3 (1,710 points)
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Pickles are good for digestion after a heavy meal. Especially after Indian foods like Biriyani, Paratha etc. But pickles should be home-made. Preservatives used in commercially sold pickles are not so good for health.
answered May 14, 2017 by Vilma Level 2 (970 points)

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