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History being the story of man it has it's own importance and it should be recorded or learned. But when it comes to the job part these degrees are worthless. Don't you think so?
asked May 11, 2017 in History+Politics+Society by Narendra Singh Level 3 (2,420 points) | 84 views

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The answer to this question is in the question itself. There is an importance of learning history but when it comes to high-paying jobs, these degrees are not that worthy unless you are in a profession of a history professor or a great historian. But anyway learning things are not worthless and so the history degree certificates too.
answered May 13, 2017 by Abraham Vivian LEVEL 5 (5,940 points)
selected May 14, 2017 by Answeree
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No degree is useless. Yes, there may be some college degrees with less job opportunities or degrees which can achieve only less remuneration jobs. For this reason those degrees can't be considered as useless.

Education should​ be for learning and acquiring knowledge. When we think about job oriented education, then we may end up  with such 'useless' thoughts.
answered May 12, 2017 by Xiang Jung Level 2 (1,240 points)
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Yeah agreed, history has it's importance but when thinking about a degree certificate history degrees are really useless. It's only my personal opinion though. Because I know some of my friends who have history degrees are working as storekeepers, taxi drivers etc. Some of them even have delivery jobs too. Yeah I agree every job is good and I respect every jobs too but what about income they make?! Do they need such a degree to do those jobs? So in job market these degrees are useless. No offence.
answered May 12, 2017 by Nicky Level 4 (3,560 points)
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I think Archeology and some other professions comes under the jobs one can get with a History Degree. History is also a science and related to science and research. It may be useless for general jobs, but important for archeology, journalism, museum, library job, etc.
answered May 13, 2017 by Seb Powen Level 3 (1,710 points)

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