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I love to eat chocolates. Even when I choose cold drinks or ice-creams I prefer chocolate flavour. Is there any problem to consume too much chocolate? Is there any health benefit for having chocolates?
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Too much of anything that we consume is not so good for health. Other than that nothing reported badly against chocolates. Eating too much may increase the sugar level though. Of course, there are some good advantages of eating chocolates. Chocolates can be a good skin nourisher. It can also relieve stress in certain circumstances. Some studies say that chocolates are good for heart health too.
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Yes there are health benefits of eating dark chocolate. They have inflammation fighting properties, which reduces heart problems. It also increase insulin in body so reduces the chances of diabetics. Dark chocolates are good for skin as they carry antioxidant properties.

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I love to eat chocolate. Chocolate is important for human health. These are some of the wonderful health benefits of chocolate:-

1. Lowers blood pressure of the body.

2. Strengthen Bones.

3. Boost immune system.

4. Protects cardiovascular health.
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If consumed in moderation and not constantly, it will be fine for you health. Milk chocolate and white chocolate has more sugar in it. Dark chocolate has less sugar in it and is better for you health. When dark chocolate is consumed in moderation, there is actually a weight loss benefit to it.
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