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Just  a bit curious about people's experience of consuming creatine. Tell what are the benefits as well as side effects you know about creatine.
asked Jul 29, 2017 in Health+Fitness by Aurumrx Level 1 (230 points)

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Creatine helps in increasing ATP levels so that you can do more workouts. The main side effect is dehydration. So as you should use it as prescribed by an expert, otherwise you may get serious kidney damages. But nothing to worry if used judiciously. Creatine helps much to atheletes, body builders, sportsmen etc.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Vilma Level 2 (970 points)
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By the term creatine here I assume that you are talking about creatine monohydrate. If it's the thing I have used it several times. The use of creatine helps you gaining more endurance while doing gym workouts.
What creatine actually does is nothing but reproducing used up ATP or split up ATP again to the form of ATP. This process will help maintaining those energy packets or ATP stable in our body.
The main side effect of creatine includes sneezing through noses, dehydration and some times joint pains as you never stop your workout or do over exercises. You must consume creatine only by enough quantity according to your workout pattern. You should drink at least 5 litre of water a day per 5 mg of creatine monohydrate consumption. This will help you to avoid kidney damages. Anyway creatine is the best thing a bodybuilder can get along with whey protein. Amateurs are recommended NOT to use creatine unless they are atheletes or other sports personality.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Vivian Abraham Level 1 (190 points)

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