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If a person is living in warm weathered city, on average how many glasses of water (or drink) should he/she drink daily?
asked in Health+Fitness by Level 1 (260 points)

3 Answers

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You must take at least six to eight glass of water daily or 12 to 15 glass of fluid every day to beat summer. Drinking plenty of water can improve your health, digestion, and mental and physical strength. Do not have plenty of water at a time. That can cause severe digestion problems. Experts say that having one or two glass of water daily in the morning with an empty stomach will improve your body health.
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Ideally 3 to 4 litre of water is good for body. Dehydration will be in control. Proper water supply to body helps in digestion and keeps to feel fresh. One can reduce body weight by drink water. Many benefits are there, so sufficient drinking water is  always helpful.
answered by Level 2 (580 points)
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You should drink as much as you want. You need roughly two gallons per day, but most of that is in the food you eat. Not all. So thirst is your only guide to whether you need more. There is no need to drink any particular amount.
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