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I am a bachelor. I don't know what is better love marriage or arrange marriage?  please suggest me...
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Both have pros and cons. It all depends on the personalty and character of yourself and your partner. The answer can only found after when you get to know your partner in deeper level once starts living together.
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That depend upon your society, cast and nationality. Love marriage is not possible in some countries like Pakistan, some part of India and some undeveloped countries where cast and religion dictates.
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The only thing that matters in a marriage is that the partners agree on division of responsibilities. How they divide them does not matter, only that they agree. Most people have no clear idea what "love" means, so there is not much point in discussing that subject.

Among the Navajo tribes in Arizona, a boy who liked a girl might give her a fish that he caught. If she liked him, she might cook it and give it back. Thousands of boys and girls married and raised families with no more experience than that. Except of course that they had learned by watching how Daddy and Mommy treat each other.
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