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At present now many teenagers build relationship with each other as like boy with girl or girl with boy. I want to know  Bad sites of teenagers relationship?
asked in Love+Relationships by Level 1 (120 points)

1 Answer

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Sorry your question is not clear. What do you mean by the word 'bad sites' here. Bad to surf on or a site with bad content? Or are you asking about a dating site? I think you are asking about good dating sites for making bad relationships? actually dating sites are for people suing it's service. Anybody join on such a website may be seeking such relationships there. Of course there are bad contents and profiles on these sites and many of the profiles may not be an actual person or dealt by the website itself. It's better to search on google,yahoo or bing for dating sites to get results on the 'bad sites' you are asking for.
answered by Level 2 (1.2k points)