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I'm a teenager on summer break. All day(warning: some may consider this sexually inappropriate details), I masturbate, sleep, eat, and be on my computer. I wake up at about 10 in the morning, eat breakfast, masturbate about 3 times consecutively, for some reason, it always seems to tire me out, so I then nap for about 4 hours. I wake up and eat, play video games, masturbate once more, and play video games until 2 in the morning. Then repeat. That's it. No friends. No nothing. And my parents are away on vacation
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2 Answers

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I can't find anything boring in your life as you are fully engaged throughout the day. Moreover I believe that hardcore gamers never get bored.
If you still feel that you are getting bored then you must be active in something else. I mean any hobbies, sports, blogging etc. You can be active in this site itself. You need an aim in your life or something to follow as a daily routine.
Well, just an ambition can change your life.
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Don't waste your time and health, study well if you are a student, read some good books that related to life and living. Be punctual in your life. Hope this article may help you, all the best!

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