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i have a website. But i don't know why we need to do seo for a website? if anybody know about that. please explain me
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2 Answers

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SEO is a process in which optimising a web page content, url, title and meta tag descriptions to gain better ranking in search results. So in order to get better position in search results on search engines you should have better SEO.

The primary objective of every webpage is to attract more visitors. Hence more SERPs means more valuable visitors. There is the need of SEO of your website.
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SEO is essential for all online web based business to be successful. In seo, a website is optimized using various techniques, to identify scope of improvements for a site, keyword research to identify best possible keywords for your site / business, on page optimization using your target keywords, off page optimization especially content marketing, local seo (if you are dealing within any specific area) and finally social media optimization.

SEO is meant to optimize a website for search engines and target audiences to improve targeted traffic to your site, improve conversion rates, increase sales and attain top serp ranking at major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. For further information you can visit:
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