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The guys who mastered martial arts are muscular but not with a big size muscles. On the other hand, some wrestlers are very big in size. yes, i know wrestling has its rules. If a real fight occurs between these guys who will win the battle? Does bigger muscle help in fighting in real life?
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Muscles do help in a fight but not muscles alone. A guy mastered in martial arts may have fighting techniques or speedy movements which may help much in a fight. But strength is also a need in fighting. Wrestling as a sport means it has its own rules and regulations. But in a real life fight, the things may not be the same.
 When fighting in real life situations the most needed quality must be higher endurance than the ability to lift a weight. For example, boxers are more concentrating in the core strength and they are having an endurance training. Of course, they do have muscles but not that much of a body builder. Let's have look onto karate champions or kung-fu masters. Do they have big massive muscles? No. What about Bruce Lee then? A 50kg man Bruce Lee could kick and throw a sandbag of 180 kg to a two floor above height. So the size of the muscles can't be a winner every time.
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Yes, muscles do help, but they can't fight alone. Physical strength and good power also help. Body control and timing are other things that also helps. Working out and even weight lifting (if the body is physically it for this) are very important when it comes to strength or even fighting (such a wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, shadowboxing, etc.).
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