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I want to star mining Bitcoin. What are the options today? I don't know much about it and I would like to get some tips and recommendations here...
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When it comes to mining, I prefer using some plug-and-play solutions. I am not an engineer or a computer specialist, so it is the best solution for me. I would like to get such a thing for me like the project from It will be a very nice and convenient miner which will be used for easy mining at home. Looking forward to getting one
I think mining is not profitable these days at all
It is a very interesting idea here, thank you a lot for it!
I hadn`t even known how important for BTC mining gpus were before I visited and got acknowledged with the list of the best gpus for mining, then I was able to choose a real monster for my PC and became a real devil considering raising BTCs, it makes me considerably richer, that`s true pals!

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I see how mining bitcoins is promoted everywhere and understand that this business is really profitable, besides there are special promocodes that allow you to spend more power on mining and get more cryptocurrency! Everything is explained here
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If you want to start mining then you should know how to sell all the cryptocurrency that you will earn. You easily can find out how to do it for example on this website - . I always use Coinbase and I think that Coinbase is the best online cryptocurrency exchanging platform.
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